For Prospective Students and Families

The Boards of Directors of Districts serving the communities of Elmore, Morristown and Stowe appreciate your interest in our educational systems!   

Within the Elmore-Morristown and Stowe School Districts, we operate two highly regarded Pre-K–12 school systems, and Vermont’s last one room school, which welcomes up to 20 students in grades 1–3. To learn more about the schools and learning opportunities in Elmore-Morristown and Stowe, please follow the links under “Our Schools” on the menu bar above.  

Please note that students are eligible for enrollment in a school in one of our school districts, either Elmore-Morristown or Stowe, if they have a parent or legal guardian who is a legal resident of the respective town(s) of the district or have reached the age of majority (18) and reside in town themselves.

Are you a non-resident but still interested in attending our schools? Non-resident Tuition Students may contact the office of the school they wish to attend for general information about enrollment opportunities.

Students entering grades 9–12 may apply to attend Peoples Academy or Stowe High School through Vermont’s Public High School Choice system. Please contact your high school of residence for more information on the application process.

Student Registration

All new students, regardless of age, need to enroll before attending school. It is recommended that you contact the school you will be enrolling in and make an appointment to stop in to begin the process and become familiar with the school staff and facilities.

There are two options for returning students to update their enrollment information with the school. Traditional printed "summer packets" can be mailed home upon request or picked up at the school. The second option is to use our E-Registration portal to complete the process electronically. The portal is accessed through the Parent Portal. Please contact your school if you need help accessing your Parent Portal account or would like assistance completing the online registration.

Guidelines for Establishing Residency

For school enrollment in Vermont, the term “residence” means where one is domiciled, that is, where one actually lives. Residency requirements are not met merely by owning property. Residency requirements are not met by staying somewhere frequently. Residency requirements for enrollment in one of the schools in the Elmore-Morristown or Stowe School District are met when a child's parent(s) or legal guardian takes affirmative steps to establish his or her one and only place of domicile in Elmore, Morristown, or Stowe. As a result, when enrolling your student(s) in one of our schools, you must provide evidence of legal residency. In other words, you must be a legal resident of Elmore or Morristown to attend the Elmore School, Morristown Elementary, Peoples Academy Middle Level, or Peoples Academy. If enrolling in Stowe Elementary, Stowe Middle, or Stowe High School, you must be a legal resident of the Town of Stowe. Students who have reached the age of majority (18) should reside in town themselves.

When enrolling your student(s), or re-enrolling after withdrawal, please contact the school’s administrative office as early as possible. They will discuss the details of enrollment, including proof of residency.

The following items are helpful to support proof of legal residency for enrollment:

  • A current Vermont property tax bill for the primary residence (establishing it is your homestead)
  • A formal written lease showing the name, address and telephone number of the landlord, including the name and address of the lessee residing there
  • A notarized letter from your landlord stating the address of residence being leased, the term of the lease, and the name and address of the lessee

Other items that may be helpful include:

  • A valid Vermont driver’s license with an address matching your residence
  • Current auto insurance card with the resident address
  • Valid proof of voter registration in your town
  • Current utility bills in your name showing the resident address

Second homes, vacation homes, rental properties, and commercial properties are not considered primary residences (these are taxed using the Vermont non-residential tax rate). In cases where residency is in question, additional documentation and an affidavit of residency may be required.

If you are unsure of your residency or how to establish it for school enrollment purposes, please contact Lamoille South Supervisory Union at (802) 888-4541 for assistance in making this determination. Your assistance with timely enrollment and residency information helps us ensure the educational needs of students are responsibly met. We appreciate your assistance with these important matters!

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