Wolf Tracks 9/10/19

Dear PAML Community, 

This is the first edition of our bi-weekly recognitions and celebrations called “Wolf Tracks.”  Anyone in our community is welcome to get in touch with our office and award a “Wolf Track” to anyone in our school community. 

I would like to start off with a trio of “Wolf Tracks” to our office staff, maintenance staff, and food service staff.  

Nikki and Gianna have done an incredible job supporting everyone (including me) in getting the building ready for our students.  They work so hard behind the scenes to make sure we all have what we need to do the best job we can for our students.  

Jeff, Anneliese, and the rest of the food service staff also did a great job keeping our teaching staff fed while we worked to prepare our classrooms for the year.  

Brian Rafferty and the maintenance staff deserve many “Wolf Tracks” for everything they have done this summer to make the building safe and clean for our students.  Their work was particularly challenging this summer as we also had a major bathroom renovation project going on. They are all finished and looking great!


Gaga Pit

We wanted to recognize Devin Lacasse with a Wolf Track for his work constructing a Gaga Pit for our recess area as part of his Eagle Scout Project.  Devin worked with the school board and PA facilities staff to determine a safe space for the project and worked with Mrs. Faraci to write a grant for materials for the project.  Thanks to Devin we have a great place to play a beloved game. It has already been a very popular addition to our building.  



This summer we hosted our inaugural session of Pro-Boost in the building.  17 students who chose to take advantage of the program worked on targeted proficiencies that had not been met during the school year for 5 weeks in literacy and mathematics.  Students were exposed to content through integrated and engaging projects.  

We would also like to recognize the following staff members for taking time out of their summer to ensure the success of this program:

Liddy Bourne

Elizabeth Emerson

Jen Safford

Courtney Emerson

Kelly Saphier

Alisha Coolum




We also hosted an Unbound Summer Camp this year.  An average of 16 students took advantage of the program each day.  Camp activities included a variety of on and off campus experiences.  On campus students took part in activities like learning sign language and cooking.  Off campus activities included trips to Lake Elmore, ice skating at Jay Peak, and strawberry picking.  

We would like to recognize the following staff members for making the program a success:

Chad Herman

Gianna Reeve  (Full Time)

Johanna McCoy (Full Time)

Mark McNall (Full Time/Lifeguard)

Shawn Noonan (Contracted for 5 days)

Joe Speers (Sub)

Plus Three Students

Summer Support Staff

Rachel Squires

Carrie Wiltshire

Carrie Slaimen

Mike Watson

Chelsea Russell 


Leslie Meyer would like to nominate Shaun Noonan for a Wolf Track for helping Ms. Paula vacuum his classroom while she went to get him some masking tape.  Thanks for pitching in and helping out Shaun!  


A Wolf Track to our 7th and 8h grade groups who all went canoeing last week.  Everyone had a great time. We’ll be using the experience to launch a semester-longer interdisciplinary unit on rivers. 



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