Wolf Tracks 10/7/19

I would like to start out with a Wolf Track to our entire PAML.  Approximately 135 families attended our open house! That is a fantastic attendance!

Mrs. Farone would like to extend a wolf track to Mr. Speers for being so helpful and making her feel so welcome as new person in the building.  

We would all like to extend a Wolf Track to our 8th grade team for coming to consensus on their new team name, which is now INFINITY!

A Wolf Track From everyone to Mr. Fishell.  WELCOME BACK MR. FISHELL! We are all so glad you are back in the building with us.  

To Izia LaFountain From Mr. Bressor for making the most out of a difficult situation.  Keep the positive momentum going.  

To Samantha Patrick from Mrs. Wills for taking a risk and reading out loud to the whole class.  

To Tre Peck from Mr. Noonan for picking up a glass plate on the track.  Thanks for helping to keep our community safe.  

Mr. Young would like to extend a Wolf Track to EVERYONE for being such a great audience at our first Wolf Track of the Month celebration on Friday 9/27.  

Congratulations to Laticia, Emily, Lexi, Javin, and Mrs. Reeve for being our September Wolf Tracks of the Month Winners.  

A Wolf Track to Malia Haskins for all of her efforts in organizing a fundraiser for the Dog Park at the bottom of PA Hill at Rocktoberfest.  Malia raised $2,000!

A Wolf Track to Mrs. Leopold and our 5-8 Chorus group for doing such a great job at Rocktoberfest!


A Wolf Track to Everyone for earning our first mini-celebration of the year.  Everyone looked so great all dressed up for creative sock and hair day!



A Wolf Track goes out to Mr. Herman for organizing a great Apple Picking Field Trip to Burt’s Orchard this week.  Everyone had a great time!


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