Wolf Tracks 10/30/19

Dear PAML community, 

There is a lot to celebrate this week!  We’ve had a few special guests in the building and two of our staff members have been recognized for awards.  

I would like to send out a Wolf Track to Mr. Fishell.  He was highlighted in the News and Citizen this week for being selected for the UVM Outstanding Teacher Award.  

Another Wolf Track goes out to Mr Weiss for being nominated for the “Teacher Of The Year” Award through the Green Mountain Chapter of the Air Force Association.  As a nominee Mr. Weiss was visited by a Colonel and Brigadier General from the Air Force this week. He is being considered for this award along with several other teachers of STEM around the state.  We wish him luck!

Mrs. Reeve would like to send out a wolf track to all the Unbound Pumpkin Carvers who participated in the Unbound Pumpkin Carving activity last week.  It was a great time and all of your pumpkins looked amazing!

I would like to extend a warm Wolf Track to all of our students for earning not one but two PBIS celebrations in the last two weeks.  In the Middle of October our Cube tube soared to ? full and we celebrated with Apple Cider and doughnuts for everyone! Shortly after our cube tube surged again to completely full and we celebrated with a visit from the Telluride Mountain Film Festival.  

Mrs. Bronner and Mrs. Luddington would like to send out a Wolf Track to Silene from the Lamoille County Conservation District.  She visited our upper house science classrooms to talk about the impact of agriculture on water quality in the Lamoille River.  

Marcy Pelkey our Occupational Therapist would like to send a wolf track out to Mr. Steele and Mrs. Sanner for visiting the Assistive Tech. try-out center to look for new ways to support students.  

From Ms. Zuccarello to Izzy Simone:  For stepping up to create a bulletin board displaying the class’s reading.  

From Mrs. Meyer to Ainsley Grant for a wonderful job answering some tough questions during student led conferences!  

From Mrs. Safford to Scanlon Forrest for always coming to class with a positive attitude and always being ready to learn.  

From Mrs. Gordon to Lucy Nigro for leaving kind and funny messages in the classroom, contributing to a positive class atmosphere.  

From Mr. Bressor to Xavier McFarland for quietly always doing the right thing, being polite, and working hard!  Thanks for being you!  

From Mr. Young to Mr. Paige for using a Restorative Practice Circle to help students give and receive feedback about their scale model projects.  


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