MES Principal letter- FEMA food Delivery, Memorial Day, and tributes


May 16, 2020

Dear Families and Morristown Community,

I wanted to make sure that you have this information about a FEMA food delivery this Friday:

MEAL DISTRIBUTION FOR THOSE IN NEED: FEMA meal boxes - Along with Produce, Chicken, and Dairy ProductsFood Distribution – Morristown 5-22-20 @ 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

This links above will take you to the Vermont Foodbank website with details and the location for this free food delivery. Please share this link with anyone you know in need.

Also, don’t forget that we are still delivering kids’ meals from the Morristown Elementary School bus loop, Mon., Wed., Fri., 9:30-11:00.  Kids don’t have to be with you and don’t have to go to our schools.  If you need food for any child under the age of 18, please come to MES during these hours to receive 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches from our school chefs. If you are quarantined or can’t drive to the school, call 888-3101, and we can arrange food delivery to your front door.

Memorial Day Celebration: We are so disappointed in not being able to celebrate our Veterans and those currently serving our country with our traditional Memorial Day ceremony at People’s Academy. One of my favorite things at MES is seeing the Kindergarteners come to school with flowers picked from mom’s garden for the beautiful arrangements traditionally part of this ceremony.  Our MES teachers will be reading books and doing activities in their virtual classrooms to celebrate our Veterans and those serving our country. Our MES and PAML Music teacher, Lisa Leopold has come up with a great way for students and their families to take part in one piece of our traditional ceremony, while remaining safely at home. Here’s a message from Lisa:

Since we are home, I thought it would be a nice way to honor the veterans in our community by doing a Front Porch Concert, where every kid/family goes outside in front of their home and sings the Vermont State Song, "These Green Mountains" at the same time. I have invited the other LSUU music teachers to participate, and it looks like we are going to have lots of students from Stowe and Morrisville participating! It isn't as good as a real concert where people sing together, but it might be cool anyway. I know I'd like to walk outside and see a bunch of people singing! 

The "performance" date is Friday, May 22 at 11:00 am. Here is a youtube video you can practice with.

If you are ambitious, perhaps you could take a video of your child and family singing on your front lawn and upload it to Schoology or SeeSaw and we’ll see if we can edit something together to show everyone later.

Here’s another valuable resource from Capstone - mini grants for personal emergencies:

Lamoille Community Fund- Capstone Resource for Families in need. Capstone is very pleased to announce the Lamoille Community Fund.  It was established with a significant gift from St. John’s in the Mountain Church in Stowe and has since been added to by Concept 2 and individual donors.  The fund is intended to help people (individuals and families) living in the Lamoille Valley who have been in some way financially impacted by COVID-19.  The Fund can be used to help people with rent payments, auto repairs, utilities, food, and has a max award amount of $500.  Please see the attached form for further details (click on the blue link above) and feel free to contact Ashley Brown ([email protected])  at Capstone with questions.

I feel so proud of all the Lamoille County services and organizations that have come together to offer supports for our families.  We are a very strong community, and we will get through this crisis by supporting each other and staying safe, as we slowly start to reopen parts of our community.  If you or your family are in need of emotional or mental health supports, or if your child is just sad and frustrated with our continued distance learning, please reach out to Lindsey Waldman, MES School Counselor, at [email protected], or Allison Hayes, LCMH School-Based Clinician at [email protected] .

I want to personally thank all those parents and grandparents who are doing their very best to get their kids on-line to attend their Google Meetings with classmates and teachers, work in their small group reading and math sessions, and complete their various Dreambox, Lexia, and SeeSaw assignments. Trust me when I say, we DO KNOW how hard this is.  It’s been a challenge for all of us, to say the least, but you are teaching your kids how to cope through adversity with resilience and persistence. Perseverance, flexible thinking, and keeping a growth mindset has always been a big part of our MES teaching principles, and we are putting these skills to the test now, adults included. I see it in our virtual Faculty Meetings, where many of our teachers have their own kids crawling in and out of their laps, and I’m reminded that they too, are working from home while trying to homeschool their own kids, like many of you.  We honor your struggle and your efforts.  Without your help and support, we could not accomplish any of our priorities in keeping our MES connections and school spirit strong and caring for our students.

Speaking of School Spirit, here’s Mr. Sam’s Wolf Pup blog post to enjoy with your kids.

Spring is here! Get the family away from the screens and get outside for some SAFE fun together. My heart continues to miss seeing all of you and your kids.

Contact me if you need anything at all.


[email protected]