PAML Wolf Tracks 12/20/19

Our First Wolf Track goes out to all of our students who participated in the “expo-sition night” and winter concert on Wednesday 12/11.  All of the performers did a great job!  

An additional Wolf Track goes out to Gillian Thomas, Karsten Weiss, Jenn Quevedo, Ashley Lynch, Angie Faraci, Lisa Leopold, and Dan Bruce for their collective effort in organizing the event.   

Congratulations to Mrs. Magoon’s TA for filling their classroom cube jar and earning a classroom celebration.  It was really fun to watch them celebrate by pouring their cubes into the cube tube.  

A Wolf Track to Mrs. Griffin for doing so much to make the PAML Office a positive and supportive place for All!

Congratulations to Mr. Weiss for being chosen a co-winner of the Air-Force Association’s (Green Mountain Chapter) Teacher of The Year.  Mr. Weiss will be formally recognized at an assembly later in the school year.  

A Wolf Track to Mr. Speers and Mr. Slocum for making sure that all of our 5th & 6th grade students have access to our Virtual Reality Tools during Flex this month.  

A wolf Track to Mrs. Bourne for organizing the PAML Great Gift Giveaway

We said goodbye to Ms. Farone on Tuesday.  We wish her the best of luck!

A Wolf Track to Madison, Ava, Jillian and Maddie for organizing a TA Toy Drive.  They did a great job gathering a ton of toys for the Lamoille County Family Center.  

A Wolf Track to Unbound’s Kid Cuisine.  Together they made pumpkin pies to donate to the local food shelf.

We started off Thursday with a community gathering.  Thanks to Gigi and Gabbie for MCing the event!

Thursday was a mini cube tube celebration… Twin Day!

Spanish students getting in the holiday spirit!

Each year on the last day before winter break the Lower House invites guest readers into the classroom.  What a great tradition!

Angel G presenting her work of art to Mr. Bressor!

Ms. Reeve would like to give a Wolf Track to Ms. Bonnie for always thinking of and doing for others.

Ms. Bonnie would like to give Vinny S. a Wolf Track - Your act of kindness in returning a hat to a student in PE was very appreciated

Ms. Quevedo would like to give Fiona A. a Wolf Track - Thank you for your thoughtful and kind actions.  Your support and awareness are very appreciated.

Mr. Herman would like to give Tre P. a Wolf Track - Tre was very helpful during a technical problem I was experiencing in class.

Ms. Quevedo would like to give Owen R. a Wolf Track - Great job staying present and involved during the inclass review today.  Great work answering questions and staying on task.

Ellia S. would like to give Ava S. a Wolf Track - You are so awesome, good job being kind!

Ms. Gordon would like to give Myles M. a Wolf Track - Thank you for your kindness and dedication to brightening a room with your humor!

Mr. Noon would like to give Kailey M a Wolf Track - For her consistent positive attitude and her willingness to help others.  You are a bright spot in our community.

Ms. Meyer would like to give Taylor T a Wolf Track - Way to go! You are rocking the work and doing an amazing job!

Ms. Gordon would like to give Elian F. a Wolf Track - Thank you for working hard in class and for your humor to keep our spirits up!

Ms. Bronner would like to give Tyler D. a Wolf Track - Thank you for helping in class everyday!

Ms. Bourne would like to give Emily B. a Wolf Track - You were so amazing on Friday when you contributed items for the gift give away and you worked so hard helping me.  I appreciate you!

Ms. Quevedo would like to give Joe W. a Wolf Track - Thanks for your continued integrity.  Your ability to rise above the disruptions and distractions is admirable. Thanks for your leadership during the in class review too.

Ms Gordon would like to give Kevin W. a Wolf Track - Thank you for your positivity and kindness EVERY DAY!

Mr. Speers would like to give Jaden B. Wolf Track - Jaden has shown a great interest in our classroom garden.  I hope he continues to learn more as a leader in our study of Biology.

Ms. Leopold & Ms. Rachel would like to give Emily R. a Wolf Track - Emily participated in the chorus sing-a-long like a champ.  She used her beautiful singing voice to be a leader in class.

Ms. Zucc would like to give Yi Ming a Wolf Track - For working hard and problem solving with your team during the pendulum challenge!

Mr. Speers would like to give Dorian K. a Wolf Track - For winning the 2019 Tower Competition!

Mr. Herman would like to give Lydia T. a Wolf Track - Lydia has attended step it up twice a week for the last 12 weeks.  She has been working diligently using step it up as an affective learning strategy. She has set high expectations for herself and has the mindset to persevere.

Ms. Bronner would like to give Avi D. a Wolf Track - Great work keeping up with all your studying.  You are doing such a good job balancing dance and school!

Have a great winter break!


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