PAML Wolf Tracks 1/17/2020

We hope everyone had a great December break.  We’re all happy to be back in the swing of things!  What a great couple of weeks back!  

First we have to share this picture of Mr. Boudreau, Climate Coordinator, taken the day before break.  Look for this style trend hitting stores in the fall!

Students in Ms. Gordon’s class working on their covered wagons as part of their unit on westward expansion of the United States.

7th Grade teachers hard at work learning about our new Flex Session scheduling tool.  Stay tuned for more information!

We searched high and low to find students in proper winter attire for recess.  We finally found a few!

Lower House teachers and students presenting at Middle Grades Institute on Saturday.

It was an exciting week in the office.  We welcomed six new guppies…and a few days later two babies!

A student leads a Readers Writers Workshop class on the reasons to strike and the effects of striking.

7th & 8th grade students hard at work practicing for “Once on This Island” premiering January 27th at 6:00pm in the Peoples Academy auditorium.  

Ms. Will’s Readers Writers Workshop decided to surprise Ms. Reeve with a middle of the day dance party.

Team Adventure would like to give Tyrique L a Wolf Track - Thank you for helping with attendance while a teacher was out.

Mrs. Eberts would like to give Latecia L a Wolf Track - Latecia you have taken on this new unit with such a “can do” attitude.  I admire your hard work and perseverance! Keep up the great work!

Mr. Bruce would like to give Dorian K a Wolf Track - Thank you for picking up garbage that wasn’t yours in the cafeteria.

Azarian C would like to give Charlotte W a Wolf Track - You are a very good friend.  You help me when I’m confused and when I forget something you let me borrow yours.

Mrs. Meyer would like to give Alyiah P-C a Wolf Track - Thank you for the get well email!

Mrs. Meyer would like to give Ali Clark a Wolf Track - Taking responsibility and stepping up to work and finish her career project.

Mrs. Gordon would like to give Sam S a Wolf Track - Awesome job hitting it out of the park for review jeopardy and leading your team to victory!

Mr. Paige would like to give a Wolf Track to Calvin M - Thank you for trusting and participating in the learning process.  Your STAR gains are impressive!

Mrs. Bronner would like to give a Wolf Track to Daniel P - You came back and worked hard.  You did not let others interfere with your work and you did it yourself. Be strong!

Ms. Cote would like to give a Wolf Track to Malakai E - I’ve noticed you exhibiting self-control and respect towards staff & peers.

Ms Zuccarello would like to give a Wolf Track to Charlie I - You have taken the travel journal to a new level and you were willing to help others persevere through the tough activity.  Thank you!

Malia H. would like to give Monelle C. a Wolf Track - She offered to help me with opening and putting my stuff in my locker because I had hurt my fingers and couldn’t do it myself.

Mrs. Macdonald would like to give a Wolf Track to Evie L - You are so kind and empathetic to both students and teachers. You always clean up without being asked.  Your contribution to the Lower House community has been incredible over these past few months.

Mrs. Quevedo would like to give a Wolf track to Jeremiah A - Jeremiah, great job persevering during the card game relay!  Good job working hard and staying involved!

Mr. Speers would like to give Ella M. a Wolf Track - Ella repeatedly has shown herself to be a leader, and an extremely creative person.

Mrs. Magoon would like to give Kason L a Wolf Track - Thanks for jumping right back into things and for positively picking up the room after your classmates.  I appreciate you so much!

Mr. Young would like to give Ms. Emerson a Wolf Track - Thanks for stepping in to cover Ms. Ludington’s TA.

Mrs. Speers would like to give Ms. Squires a Wolf Track - Rachel does a million wonderful things at our school.  Today I saw her shoveling snow so students with mobility limitations could make it in safely.

Viano P would like to give Miles L a Wolf Track - He took responsibility and decided to clean up other people’s mess.  He went out of his way to take action.

Ms. Albandia would like to give Ms. Bourne a Wolf Track - For being so helpful in math class and always having students best interest in mind.

Mrs. Wills’ RWW class would like to give Ms. Reeve a Wolf Track - Because you are the best at holding the door and you are a great office manager.

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