PAML News and Announcements April 26th

Coffee House: Students from 5-8 grade chorus will be performing at the first PAML “”Coffee House” on Friday, May 3rd from 4-7pm at Thompson’s Flour Shop in Morrisville. This event will be an open-mic style event, so please stop by and listen to some fantastic music. We are so lucky to be able to have this special event at Thompson’s Flour Shop. (Students performing will have specific times)

Bridge Building Competition Results: For a third year in a row, Peoples Academy Middle Level (PAML) students won big at the annual bridge building competition at Vermont Technical College in Randolph. This year’s team included the students  Gavin Bouchard, Elias Lucier, Andy Zheng, David Pratt, Noble Beerworth (all 8th grade), and Russell Pugh (7th grade). The PAML students competed against over 60 teams from 20 middle schools located all over Vermont. For the third year in a row students were advised by Design & Technology teacher, Karsten Weiss.

This year the students focused on designing and building the most efficient structure rather than the strongest. The goal was to build a bridge that could carry a load more than 410 times its own mass and beat the record established last year (also by PAML). The students began planning their bridge in May 2018 and it was constructed entirely from popsicle sticks and white glue. Other allowed materials were toothpicks and dental floss.  

Just like last year, the PAML team and their bridge won five out of seven possible categories: aesthetics and originality of design, team spirit and presentation, overall carrying capacity, structural efficiency, and the overall best performance prize.  

Peoples Academy students now hold the records for designing and building the two strongest bridges ever built at the middle school competition, as well as the records for two most efficient structures. While last year’s PAML bridge could carry more (2600 lbs), this year’s bridge was more efficient (it carried over 460 times its own mass). The bridge weighed only 4.5 lbs and carried 2081.9lbs, enough to outperform every other middle school team this year.

Science SBAC Testing:  May 7th and 8th students in the 5th and 8th grade will be taking SBAC Science assessment. Each session will last approximately 75 minutes and will take place during the students’ regular Science class.

All State Music Festival Parade:  Wednesday, May 8th Dan Bruce will be accompanying 6th, 7th & 8th grade and High School Band students to the All State Music Festival Parade in Montpelier. The bus will depart from PAML at 4:00pm and will return at 8:00pm.

PAML Dance: May 10th is the next PAML dance for students in 6-7-8th grade. The dance will be held in the cafeteria from 7:00pm - 9:30pm.



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