PAML News and Announcements 6/1/2020

Dear PAML Families,

I wanted to make sure that everyone understands as much as possible about our end of year plans.  I’ve attached a table that clearly spells out all of the end of year events that are taking place.  I will follow-up on Friday with some details about configuration for next year and links to further details about each of these end of year events.  

End of Year Schedule Table

Family Community Meeting

Please join me for a family community meeting on June 4th at 8:00am at the link below to discuss any questions you might have regarding our end of year plan.  Our annual Title I meeting will follow immediately after at 8:00.

Title I Annual Meeting

As an identified Title I school our buildings receive federal funds through the Title I grant program.  As a participant in this program we are required to hold an annual meeting to involve families in the planning of how we use these funds.  Please join us for a video conference on 6/4 @ 8:30 to share ideas and plan steps forward in this process.  I have attached a brochure about Morristown Schools’ participation in the program and the link to the video conference below.  


Video Conference Link:

Thank you for your continued support as we finish out this school year


Matt Young


Attached Video



School Owned Devices and Materials Return 

Student’s Personal Items Returned

June 8th, June 11th, and June 12th


  • All devices must be fully charged overnight before the return date. Be sure to remove all personal items from the device cases. 

  • Students and/or families may arrive any time during their designated time slot

  • Families with more than one student may come during any one of their student’s times

  • Cars will pull-up to the sidewalk near the gym doors

  • When indicated to by a staff member, a student will exit their car to place their device and accessories on the table. A staff member will pick them up and bring it into the gym to be checked out by a member of the IT staff. 

  • Students will also place all other school owned materials on the table; items such as textbooks, library books, instruments, art supplies, uniforms, etc. Please be sure to indicate the student’s name on all items being returned. 

  • IT staff will check the computer and accessories and give the staff member a receipt to be given to the student or family member waiting out front. 

  • The staff member will also ask if the student/family is also picking up locker contents and/or artwork.    

Safety Procedures

Staff will be following strict safety guidelines throughout the return times. They will have a health screening by our school nurse prior to starting work, will wear a face mask at all times, will use hand sanitizer between each new set of student materials and will remain six feet apart at all times.  

Return times by grade level

6/8    8:00-11:00     Seniors and/or students graduating

6/11     8:00-11:00     11th Graders and any leftover seniors

6/11     11:00-2:00     9th and 10th Graders

6/12     8:00-11:00     5th and 6th Graders

6/12     11:00-2:00     7th and 8th Graders


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