PAML News and Announcements 5/15/2020

The Secretary of Education today issued further guidance regarding end of school year gatherings and graduation.  The guidance states that school year gatherings and graduations are limited to 10 people or less, with careful physical distancing and hygiene requirements.  Any events with more than 10 people will need to occur virtually or by means other than in-person gatherings.  You can read the guidance here.

Schools are being encouraged to plan creatively with their communities for opportunities to celebrate milestones and graduations.  I have no doubt that LSUU will rise to this challenge. 

While I know this news is likely disappointing to many, especially our hardworking high school seniors and their families, we will be working to find innovative solutions that ensure celebrations will be safe and supportive of our students and their achievements. 

We welcome any creative ideas you may have around these events and will continue to keep you updated as decisions are made around our end of year celebrations.  Thank you for your patience, your understanding and your support as we navigate these unprecedented challenges. 




Dear Middle Level Families,

We wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to you regarding our end of year reporting.  It’s important to us to generate a report that is aligned to our highest priority of community connection and care as well as Agency of Education Guidance.  This remote learning experience has been challenging and in some ways enlightening for all of us.  Due to the resilience of our community, the creativity of our teachers, and the perseverance of our students we have been able to implement a system we can all be proud of.  Our students are engaging with us and learning during this remote experience.  We are so grateful to all of our families for providing the structure necessary for students to continue learning while at home.  You’ve done a fabulous job!     

It’s important to everyone in our system that our reporting at the end of Trimester 3 provides students clear feedback on the learning that has taken place during this time.  We want everyone who has engaged with us to feel positively about the work they’ve done and the progress they’ve made.  The realities of distance learning have required us to make adjustments to our instruction and as such it is necessary to make adjustments to our end of year reporting.  

At the end of trimester III your student will receive the following: 

  • A Mastery Report with proficiency levels/scores from trimester I and II

  • A Narrative for each content area from trimester III summarizing the learning activities for the trimester.

  • A performance narrative for each content area from trimester III summarizing the individual academic progress your student has made over the course of the trimester.

To be clear, the items mentioned above will be provided in lieu of proficiency scores or “grades” for the end of trimester III.

It’s important to note that our end of year reporting represents a prioritized set of learning targets for the trimester.  Teachers and instructional coaches collaborated early in the remote learning process to determine learning targets and design activities that were most essential to prepare students for the next grade level.  We will share these prioritized targets as part of a future communication.  Students are currently working through these activities and receiving feedback on assignments in Schoology.  Please see previous communication on how to access Schoology.  

Thanks again for being such great partners in this remote learning journey.  If you have any questions please reach out to your student’s TA teacher or the office in his or her respective school.  


Matt Young, PAML Principal            Dan Morrison, SMS Principal


Hi everyone! Every year the chorus participates in the Memorial Day Observance. Since we are home, I thought it would be a nice way to honor the veterans in our community by doing a Front Porch Concert, where every kid/family goes outside in front of their home and sings "These Green Mountains" at the same time. I have invited the other LSUU music teachers to participate, and it looks like we are going to have lots of students from Stowe and Morrisville participating! I wanted to let you know so that hopefully you can encourage your students, whether or not they are in chorus, to join in. 5th and 6th graders should be especially comfortable with this, since they did this song with me at MES. It isn't as good as a real concert where people sing together, but it might be cool anyway. I know I'd like to walk outside and see a bunch of people singing! 

The "performance" date is Friday, May 22 at 11:00 am. Here is a youtube video they can practice with.

Thank you!


Memorial Day: Due to the current circumstances, our traditional Memorial Day observances in Morrisville and Stowe will be modified this year.  At PAML we will be observing Memorial Day through activities during virtual TA.  We look forward to a time in the future when we can again observe this important day with our communities in person. On behalf of all in the LSUU learning community, I extend our deepest thanks to all who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Unbound Clubs: We will be launching a small number of Unbound Cubs that will start on 5/11 and go through 5/29 from 3:00-4:00pm.  Please take a look at the list below and find the link in the TA check-in document.  Thanks to all those who have offered to run Unbound Clubs.  Please Email Mr. Herman [email protected] with any questions.  



Club Title

Days (M,T,W,Th,F)

Google Meet Link

Joe Speers

AI, Aliens, Ghosts, Animation, Music and VR/AR Club


(more days if you need them)

Gianna Reeve/Jen Safford

Kids Cuisine/Crafts

Mondays(recorded), Thursdays (live)

Shannon DeSantis Gile

Reading Rocks Club


Carrie Wiltshire

Social hour

Mon, Wed, Thur

Jeff Boudreau

Music Appreciation

Tues, Thur

Shaun Noonan

Last Chapel


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