PAML December 14th News & Announcements

Get Up & Move: Get Up & Move (GUM) is off to a great start. If your student has not had a chance to participate please have them come join Mrs. Faraci on December 18th, 20th and 21st. This is a fun, structured, moderate to vigorous physical activity from 7:30am - 7:50am.

Unbound: Friday, December 21st will be the last day of Unbound for the semester. New season of Unbound will start January 22, 2019 more information to follow.  

Seatbelts on the Bus- Please take some time and speak with your children about the importance of wearing seatbelts while riding the bus.  All of our buses are now equipped with seatbelts and it is imperative to your student’s safety that they wear them at all times. While riding a school bus has been deemed extremely safe, the American Academy of Pediatrics highly recommends that all children wear seatbelts while riding the bus.  We appreciate you taking the time to have this conversation.

December Winter Break: Winter break is from Monday, December 24th thru Tuesday, January 1st. Students return to school Wednesday, January 2nd.  



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