MES November 26th

Morristown Elementary School November 26th 

Wednesday, November 27th -Thanksgiving Recess 

Thursday, November 28th -Thanksgiving Recess 

Friday, November 27th -Thanksgiving Recess 

Thursday, December 5th -  

• Clausen Nursery Poinsettia Fundraiser plants must be picked up. Please note plants will not go home on busses and must be picked up in the Art Room.

• “Kindness Counts” will be performed at 1:45 in the MES gym. Plymouth State University TIGER students will be sharing the message with the student about the importance of kindness. Family and community members welcome! 

Friday, December 6th – 

• Grades K-4 will be having a community meeting in the gymnasium from 8:05 to 8:45. Parents are welcome to come and enjoy this event!

• EARLY RELEASE! – Students will be dismissed at 12:00pm! 

Friday, December 13th – 

• Self-Care and Stress Management – 8:00am in the MES Faculty Room -  Allison Hayes, our School Based Clinician and School Counselor, Lindsey Waldman will be launching a parent workshop series and the first one will be about self-care for caregivers. 

• Miss Gale and Mrs. Nicholl Kindergarten classes will be participating in an “ECO” class from 9:00 – 12:00.