Dear Community:

On October 22, 2019, the schools of Lamoille South Unified Union will be visited by other Vermont Educators for an Integrated Field Review (IFR).  The IFR is conducted by a team of educators from neighboring school systems, working together with AOE staff. They visit the SU/SD for a day-long, in-person visit. The visiting team records what they read, learn from interviews, and observe.  The IFR process provides schools with information about how our schools are implementing education quality standards and improvement efforts.  School systems engage in the IFR process every three years. This is a collaborative and reciprocal process, and staff members from our district will visit and review neighboring school systems in the next few weeks. 

This Integrated Field Review process leads to a written report, featuring school system-level commendations and recommendations in the areas of Academic Proficiency, Personalization, Safe Healthy Schools, High-Quality Staffing and Investment Priorities.  These represent the five domains of Vermont’s Education Quality Standards. The IFR process is flexible and is not evaluative; the results of a school system’s IFR can be used at their discretion. We look forward to using this information to support our continuous improvement. 

Interviews are a significant source of information for visiting team members. You or your student may be asked to participate in this process as an interviewee. 

We would love to have parents join us on Tuesday at either 10:15 or 2:30 to help with the interviews. Call the office at 888-3101 if you would ike to join us.

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.


Kate Torrey, Principal


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