LSSU Statement Concerning Hateful Graffiti Incident on School Grounds

Dear Elmore-Morristown Community Members,

This week a concerning and reprehensible event occurred on Morristown school grounds. Someone painted hateful and bigoted graffiti on the grass of the softball field. The graffiti consisted of a swastika and MS13 symbol, which is a reference to gang behavior.

First, I want to make it clear that LSSU condemns all acts of hatred, bigotry, racism and intolerance of any kind. Thankfully, the response to this awful incident has been excellent. Community members reported the graffiti and it was immediately removed by our custodial team. The Morristown Police Department responded promptly and thoughtfully to the report and are continuing to investigate. 

We will continue to support law enforcement in any way we can with the investigation and we encourage any member of the community who has related information to share what they know with the Morristown Police.

We take our role as educators seriously. This includes helping our kids and community during difficult times such as this. We will continue to teach and reinforce respectful, responsible behavior and help ensure that our learning environment is welcoming and safe for all.  We look forward to working with the community to learn from it and move forward.


Tracy Wrend