7-28-20 MES Principal's Update Letter

July 28, 2020


Dear Morristown Elementary Families, 


I hope that you all are holding up well amidst the national and local attention on school reopening. I know this is a challenging time and the idea of coming back to school is very emotional for all of us. The Principals and Administrators of Lamoille South Unified Union have been working diligently this summer to consider all possible options for a strong and healthy start to school. As we continue to get closer to a detailed plan for reopening, we are thinking very hard about your child’s safety, well-being, and learning. Our plans include adhering to the guidance from the CDC and the VT Department of Health on the safe reopening of schools.


As you may have heard, today, Governor Phil Scott announced he will sign an Executive Order mandating that all Vermont schools open on Sept. 8th, the Tuesday after Labor Day.  We are grateful for this decision, because this will give our teachers, staff, and administrators more time to work out the details of our reopening plans and schedules. 


One thing that I’m celebrating with teachers as we consider our return to the building is all of the great things we already do to support students at MES.  Our commitment to Responsive Classroom, Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, building strong classroom “families”, positive relationships, mentoring students, access to SeeSaw, and utilizing our strong systems of supports for students (academic, emotional, and behavioral) are just a few examples of what makes us well positioned to meet this challenge.  Our team of teachers and support staff were nothing less than super-heroes during the school closure, shifting their instructional practices on a dime to stay connected with you and your children in the remote world.  I have full confidence that the MES team will find new rituals and routines to meet the safety challenges we face and create a strong school culture of caring, connection, and belonging for our students.


Superintendent Tracy Wrend, Principals, and the LSUU Covid Task Force (which includes teachers) are working toward finding the best possible balance between safety, learning, and the emotional support required to return to school. We are devising several options for our school schedules.  The LSUU School Board will be considering these options at the Board meeting on Monday night, Aug. 3. After more specific decisions are made, you can expect another communication from me with an invitation to join me for a virtual Q&A Google Meeting. In the meantime, I welcome your questions and concerns about our return to school on Sept. 8th.  I am in the school building every day now, so feel free to call me, 888-3101.  You can also email me at [email protected]. I appreciate your support and look forward to hearing from you.  Your voices are important to us.


Kate Torrey, MES Principal