OVERVIEW: The Water Cycle


The earth is a dynamic place; sustaining itself through special processes.  The water cycle is one such process.  Students in the 6th grade have been examining the dynamic nature of our earth.  In this activity students will be asked to translate what they have learned into scenes from the real-world.  They will utilize technology to help present their understanding in dynamic formats... just as the earth presents itself dynamically to man-kind.



WATER CYCLE PHOTO STORIES... translating learning to what students see in the real-world.

  • Students will select one of the four photographs below (different locations around the world) and create their own animated movie of the water cycle. To start, copy and paste the image you select into PowerPoint
  • Use the drawing tools in PowerPoint to label the four components of the water cycle, listed below, on your picture. 
      1. Evaporation
      2. Condensation
      3. Precipitation
      4. Collection


  • When you have finished labeling your picture you will create a series of screen-captures to build your own animated movie of the water cycle, using PhotoStory3.  We will go over the specifics of how to label your picture with the drawing tools in PowerPoint, take screen-captures, save and import images into PhotoStory3, and build your water cycle movie.  Scroll down below the pictures and you can view a sample movie made with these tools.

Tutorial: Using PowerPoint to Label Your Picture


Tutorial: Taking Screen-Captures and Saving Using Macromedia Fireworks


  • To simplify this activity; have students use this Water Cycle PowerPoint Template File. Students can replace the image in the template with the one they select to use and shift around the arrows and labels to fit the selected image.  There are a variety of ways students might be able to use this template to create unique ways of presenting information about the water cycle.... be creative!

Click here to view a sample of a of a water cycle movie made using PowerPoint and PhotoStory3.
(You will need Windows Media Player 10 or higher installed to view this movie)

The Water Cycle Water Science for Schools
Water Cycle Animation Droplet & the Water Cycle



Samples of the water cycle movies will be posted here at the end of this learning activity. Check back soon!



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